Video SV-95

Erika and Toni vs 2 men

tag team - mixed wrestling   tag team - mixed wrestling   tag team - mixed wrestling
Toni (5'10" - 145 lbs) and Erika (6' - 152 lbs) are peacefully wrestling when two men (5'7" - 145 lbs and 5'8" - 155 lbs) decide to intrude.  "You'll have to wrestle us", say the two beautiful amazons.  Toni airplane spins and slams one of them to the mat.  She crushes his head between her strong muscular thighs.  Erika takes over and squashes her opponent.  No matter what either of the men try - fair or foul - they end up crushed, lifted, slammed and beaten.  Enraged at the foul tactics employed by the men, Toni and Erika systematically take them apart with a variety of crushing and strength snapping holds.  In the end, both men are trapped in devastating head scissors and squeezed UNCONSCIOUS!

All videos are filmed in color.

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