Video SV-75

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Gorgeous power lifter Chantel (5'6" - 140 lbs) is accousted by a he-man (5'7" - 140 lbs) offering to give her a massage.  His wandering hands enrage the young girl to violence.  The beautiful blonde spins and throws him, but he insists on asserting his power.  Chantel scissors his waist - promising "to make him pay".  Teasing him she uses drop kicks, figure fours, and inhuman stretches that tear him apart.  A backward grapevine makes him groan in pain.  Feigning concern, Chantel asks if his head hurts and proceeds to smash it against the floor.  In one of the most debilitating moves that we have ever seen, Chantel terminates his desire for "being a pig" with women!

All videos are filmed in color.

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