Video SV-74


                mixed wrestling, lifts and carry   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling, lifts and carry

      mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling 
Tantalizing Roxanne (5'10" - 135 lbs) wants her workout, but her teacher (5'8" - 150 lbs) says there aren't enough students.  She flips him to the floor smothering him in a schoolboy pin while hammerlocking his arms.  The instructor is cradled and asked if "he wants to eat his knee".  The gorgeous blonde easily tosses the man around, tearing his shirt off and crushing his head with deadly arms and legs.  The poor instructor is head scissored, body scissored, and dropped kicked several times, and the sexy beauty bashes his head at will, knocking some sense into his foolish skull.  Roxanne ultimately makes him decide to do what she wants, crushing his ego and causing him to question his choice of career!

All videos are filmed in color.

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