Video SV-73


mixed wrestling, lift and carry                 

Seductive Suzie (5'8" - 140 lbs) is lifting weights when an irate man (5'9" - 144 lbs) intrudes on her and demands she move her Harley motorcycle.  She replies with a knee butt to his head, then slips out of her leather jacket to make herself comfortable.  Her exruciating figure fours, powerfull full nelsons, airplane spins and over-the shoulder backbreakers completely overwhelm him.  He gasps for air as she straddles him in a frontal headscissor.  Foolishly he fights back and is wiped out by a bone crushing head scissor.  Suzie playfully puts him into a backbreaker over her knee and taunts him while destroying him in a Boston crab.  The motorcycle momma shows why she can park her Harley anywhere she wants to!

All videos are filmed in color.

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