Video SV-67


    mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling          

Tony (5'7" - 145 lbs) receives his just reward when he re-encounters Andrea (6'2" - 170 lbs) after many years.  He used to beat her up as a kid.  She recognizes him and makes him relive the past in reverse when this muscular amazon uses her awesome strength and wrestling skills to show him who is top gun now.  This beautiful wrestling machine is everything you would expect from one so strong and muscular.  Airplane spins, and upside down bearhugs set him up for painful cradles, and potent head and body scissors.  She holds like a baby in her bearhugs.  He is helpless to stem the tide of Andrea's powerful onslaught.  Memory Lane turns out to be Elm Street, as she slams his head to the floor repeatedly.  The honey-haired beauty sits on his chest until he begs.  Revenge is sweet as she relishes his defeat.

All videos are filmed in color.

Length of video - 40 minutes
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