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     mixed wrestling, lift and carry   mixed wrestling, lift and carry   mixed wrestling, lift and carry, kicks  
   mixed wrestling, lift and carry   
mixed wrestling, poses               
We had trouble finding opponents for Brigitte (5'10" - 150 lbs) until her new personal trainer, Vinny (5'8" - 150 lbs) arrived unaware of what he had gotten into by being hired as the trainer of the beautiful Amazon.  Brigitte is very amused by his attempt to find challenging exercises for her sexy powerful body.  She reveals to him that she has become wealthy enough to hire him by wrestling as "Brigitte the Bomber".  Unwisely, Vinny ridicules her and meets with problems as she crushes, throws, and carries him around upside down.  He nearly loses his senses as her stetel legs squash his head time and again in scissors.  Brigitte wants her money back, "My money or your life" - what do you think?  Brigitte's beautiful muscular legs knock him out.  She changes into something more comfortable and despite Vinny's pleading, she begins all over again!  Brigitte ignores his cries for mercy as she repeatedly applies powerful excruciating holds to his weakened body obtaining submission after submission from him until he is crushed senseless and is begging for mercy.

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