Video SV-65


mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling, kicks   
mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling

Bodybuilder / dancer Francesca (5'2" - 115 lbs) looks like she is simulating a marine bootcamp workout with her acrobatic dance routine.  Johnny (5'8", 150 lbs) nevertheless disturbs her to claim his space.  Because of his belittling, chauvinistic comments, the powerful, muscular Francesca assaults him with a furry that takes your breath away.  Upside down scissors, figure fours, full nelsons headlocks, and airplane spins make him realize that he shouldn't assume that 'a woman is no match for a guy'.  He attempts a counter attack by lifting her smaller frame and is hopelessly head scissored in mid-air!  After many pain induced submissions Johnny learns what saying please means and Francesca gets her man!

All videos are filmed in color.

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