Video SV-64


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Lovely Chelsea (6'. 152 lbs) is disappointed when Joe (5'8" - 149 lbs) turns up as a replacement for her wrestling coach.  Joe doesn't take rejection well.  He makes one sarcastic remark and is swept off his feet - onto his back, and in a lot of pain.  The long haired brunette is in a bad mood.  She uses bear hugs, and body slamming full nelsons to turn the man into a wimp.  Liftend, thrown and airplane spun, the battered male sweats and writhes as she sensuously lies back and applies almost lethal head and body scissors.  she really enjoys her work.  Whirlwind action to spin your head (her figure four almost tears off Joe's head!) and the finale really puts him in his place.

All videos are filmed in color.

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