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Brandy (5'8". 132 lbs) is doing push ups before her karate class.  The school bully (5'8", 145 lbs) comes along and tries to intimidate her by mashing her face into the mat.  Too late he finds out Brandy's good looks are combined with skill and coiled-spring strength.  She easily absorbs his two best full body punches to her taut stomach.  However he doesn't fare as well when she retaliates with a shot to his lax gut.  Then Brandy sets out to prove to him that it is wrestling and not karate that is her forte.  With her sleek, powerful legs Brandy wraps him in a startling variety of head and body scissors.  She dominates him with a professional blend of figure fours, cradle carries, and cross body pins.  He takes the longest airplane ride of his life on her shoulders.  Finally this bully is cowering at her feet.  He's a real mess.  The last we see of this guy is with Brandy dangling him over the trash bin.  This fellow bit off more than he could chew.

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