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Roxanne (5'10", 135 lbs), as tough as she is beautiful, needs a warm up before a big arm wrestling competition.But an all out wrestling match with another student (5'5, 135 lbs) to earn the last spot in her favorite exercise class is not exactly what she had in mind.  This beauty can be brutal!!  With a dazzling variety of holds, upside down bear hugs, and airplane spins, Roxanne drives her luckless opponent to his knees.  Once she has him there she ties him up like a pretzel.  Her figure fours, body scissors, cradles, and matchbooks leave him begging for mercy.  Those are just the official moves!!  The street tough Roxanne also softens him up with a variety of street fighting skills, like vicious kicks, slaps, and gut wrenching knee lifts.  This young man will think twice before he tries to muscle his way into an exercise class again.

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