Video SV-51

Jamie vs Angie

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Beautiful biceps bulge impressively to open our contest between lithesome Jamie (5'4" - 116 lbs) and voluptuous Angie (5'2" - 122 lbs).  The two lovely young athletes are arm wrestling to determine the stronger of the two but that soon proves to be of  little satisfaction as the svelte Jamie gets more aggressive and engages Angie in an all out wrestling match.  Determined to overwhelm the more powerfully built Angie, Jamie is a veritable whirlwind, assaulting her opponent with flying body scissors, flying drop kicks, and an array of punishing leg scissors.  But Angie is every bit as strong as she is good looking and it is only a matter of time before the brawny brunette starts to dish it out.  Using her greater strength, Angie begins to overpower Jamie with headlocks, full nelsons, and some vise like leg scissoring of her own.  We don't want to divulge the winner, but this is a must see if you like muscle popping action!

All videos are filmed in color.

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