Video SV-49

 mixed wrestling, lifts
  mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling
Bodybuilder and powerlifter - Joni (5'2" 135 lbs) - is practicing her posing routine when an obnoxious young punk named Tommy (5'6", 138 lbs) happens by.  Tommy, being somewhat ignorant of women's bodybuilding, begins to ridicule the powerfully built Joni, but to her credit, she ignores most of his biting remarks.  Finally Tommy mouths off once too many times and Joni takes matters (and Tommy!) into her own hands.  Bad news for poor Tommy!  Tommy gets introduced to another sport he may not have associated with women:  Wrestling!!  The full bodied athlete pulverizes the brash youngster with airplane spins, head and body scissors, cradles, school boy pins, and much more.  Tommy, who doesn't seem to know when to leave well enough alone, keeps trying to make a showing of his own, but his feeble attempts are easily shrugged off by the mighty Joni.

All videos are filmed in color.

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