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Erika (6', 150 lbs) has joined the police department.  In a hand to hand combat training course, she encounters a skeptical instructor (5'7, 160 lbs) who thinks a woman's place on the force is behind a desk.  He reluctantly shows her some basic moves in case "she's attacked by a violent blotter."  Erika decides that this chauvanist pig needs a little lesson, and she gives it to him gladly!

With superb skill and brute strength the beautiful amazon wears down her opponent.  She tosses him with abandon, body slams him to the mat, and lifts and pins him with ease.  Torturous matchbox pins, leg spreads, hammerlocks, drop kicks, headlocks, and all-powerful crushing head and body scissors are expertly applied by the strong and capable Erika.  She wears him down and sets him up for several convincing and debilitating submissions; a bear hug, leg spread, head scissors, and a rib crushing body scissors all make him beg for mercy.  In the end he willingly admits that women would make excellent officers and that she should teach the hand to hand combat course.  And you will agree!!

All videos are filmed in color.

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