Video SV-45

Krystle vs Angel

female wrestling   female wrestling   female wrestling   female wrestling   female wrestling

Lithesomely muscled Krystle (5'10" - 136 lbs) decides that she wants to learn more about wrestling.  Arriving at the wrestling school she encounters Angel (6'1" - 150 lbs).  When Angel finds that her student is no novice she challenges the beautiful brunette to a wrestling match to teach her uppity student a lesson.  An all-out wrestling war ensues.  Both combatants exhibit an excellent knowledge of how to wrestle and apply devastating headlocks, full nelsons, and scissors.  Arm locks, drop kicks, match box pins, airplane spins, and a giant swing also highlight this hard fought match.  This thrilling bout ends when one of these beautiful fighters clamps on a grinding and overpowering headscissors that forces the other to admit who is the better wrestler.  This is a must see for all wrestling fans.

All videos are filmed in color.

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