Jamie(5'3"110lbs) is a pretty and muscular young lady who has just passed her life guard tests, but her friend is somewhat skeptical that Jamie has the necessary size and strength to rescue victims. At first she is content to demonstrate her strength by lifting and carrying Joe in a variety of lifts. But he doubts that she could handle a struggling victim and starts to wrestle with her. This proves to be a mistake as powerful dynamo unleashes her full power with airplane spins and lifts done with such ease and skill you would swear you were watching a powerlifter. Her muscular arms get incredibly pumped as she applies headlocks that are inescapable. And if that isn't enough, Jamie also uses power legs to weaken him, she also takes to the air with flying scissors and drop kicks.  Finally she proclaims her feminine strength by carrying her hapless victim around as if he were no more than an insignificant bag of trash.

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