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mixed wrestling    mixed wrestling    mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling
Andrea (6'1", 170 lbs) is as incredibly strong as she is breathtakingly beautiful.  This well-muscled giantess works as a personal fitness trainer where Jerry has just enrolled.  When Jerry (5'8", 150 lbs) arrives and finds that Andi is, in fact, a woman, he wants to change trainers in favor of a man, not believing that a female could give him an adequate workout.  When Andi hears this, she proposes a deal:  if she can out-wrestle him, he will have to accept her as his trainer.  If not, he can choose another trainer. 

From the onset, Andrea dominates her opponent!  She utilizes her awesome strength to apply excrutiatigly painful bear hugs, bone cracking head scissors, and tumultuous body throws.  Jerry puts up a fight, going as far as to engage the sexy red-haired amazon in a hand to hand test of strength, but it is a futile attempt to challenge the ultra powerful, ultra feminine athlete.  Andi, finally having totally bested Jerry, puts him away for good with an astonishing sleeper hold, the first of its kind ever seen in any of our presentations.

All videos are filmed in color.

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