Video SV-235

 Jan Klein

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mixed wrestling      mixed wrestling     mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling
As an exceptionally fit lioness of a woman this self defense instructor shows us how she stays in shape. She prowls around the room flexing her powerful and deadly  legs.  She claims no man will ever take advantage of her as she reveals her passion for wrestling and squeezing victims between her thighs.
A young strong man tries to take advantage and Jan takes the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities.  She locks his head between her phenomenal calves and knocks him out.  Waking him up by stroking his face with her sexy feet she then continues her slaughter, violently scissoring and crushing him till he screams in pain and passes out again.  She soon has him willingly worshiping her amazing legs and feet.   She picks him up like a baby and carries him around the ring only to unceremoniously drop him hard and scissors him again and again. Her appetite for devastation never wanes;  in fact she barely breaks a sweat as her powerful body leaves him gasping for breath and begging for mercy.

Length = 44 Minutes

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