Video SV-234


  mixed wrestling  
mixed wrestling    mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling        mixed wrestling, lifts   mixed wrestling, lifts   mixed wrestling, lifts   mixed wrestling, lifts       mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling
Nicole swarms all over her big brother in a blizzard of lifts, take downs, straddle pins and scissors. Taunting her at first, he grows quiet, then desperate when he realizes this tigress in hip-hugging black shorts has legs that can, and will, squeeze every ounce of strength out of him.  Smiling and laughing, she wraps her muscular legs around his waist and head and tortures him. She lifts, carries and tosses him with ease and winds up her relentless attack with a combination head scissors and arm bar that softens him up for a punishing backbreaker submission hold. An eye-catching lesson for anybody who dares to underestimate a "little" sister!

All videos are filmed in color.

Length of video - 37 minutes
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