Video SV-232

COMBO TAPE - Re-release - FEATURING Kay Baxter

KAY vs MATT and KAY vs BOB


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Part One - Kay vs Matt   -  Kay worked long and hard to achieve her magnificent and peerless physique.  She was contemptuous of Matt's masculinity and in fact likened him to a chubby dough boy!  Needless to say Matt took exception to the comparison and made an immediate attempt to prove her wrong.  Hard as he tries Matt finds that he is no match for the skillful and powerful Kay.  Once Kay puts him in a hold there is no escape, unless she chooses to release him.  Kay's scissors are the most fearsome and potent that Matt has ever experienced!  Tight pin downs, lifts, bear hugs, figure fours, and bone crushing scissors are just some of the holds Kay uses to demonstrate her prowess and skill in this intense and exciting match.  This was definitely one of Matt's toughest and most gruelling matches.

Part Two - Kay vs Bob  -  After Kay's victory over Matt, she was eager to take on all comers and Bob was quite willing to accept the challenge.  Despite having the advantage in height and weight, Bob soon finds himself just trying to survive as Kay simply overpowers him.  Kay is relentless in her quest for victory and in proving her superiority.  Airplane spins, lifts, pin downs, and some of the tightest scissor holds ever filmed are just some of the highlights!  At one point, Kay has Bob in a bone crushing body scissor that has Bob crying "HELP!".  Kay smiles and tells him, "Big boy, you need all the help you can get but it won't do you any good.  I am just too strong!"

All videos are filmed in color.

Length of video - 40 minutes
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