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Part One - features Pillow (5'7" 137 lbs) and Matt (5'8" 145 lbs).  Is Pillow as strong as she looks?  You had better believe it!  This exuberant, beautiful woman demonstrates her strength in this fast paced match.  At first Matt seemws to get the upper hand, but little did Matt realize that Pillow was just getting warmed up.  At this point the film becomes a showcase for her tremendous strength and skill.  Lifts, powerful scissors, bear hugs and strong pin downs highlight this dynamic match!

Part Two - features Pillow vs Sharon (5'6" 132 lbs).  We thought the film of the match between Cammie Lusko and Sharon could never be equaled but we were wrong.  This match became a true test of strength, stamina, and wrestling skill.  These two beautiful women gave it their all in an effort to win.  In this titantic struggle many pins and submissions are obtaiined as both Pillow and Sharon strive to achieve supremacy.  This is a classic and one that every collector should have!

Part Three - features Pillow vs Bob (5'10" 170 lbs).  Bob had been working out for months and he was sure that with his weight advantage this match with Pillow would be a piece of cake.  Boy, was he in for a surprise!  Pillow utilizes skill, raw strength, and speed to wear down her taller and heavier opponent.  Bob tries his best to resist and assert his advantages but falls victim to Pillow's potent bear hugs, head and body scissors, and gruelling grapevines.  This enables Pillow to turn a hard fought match into a well earned victory!!

All videos are filmed in color.

Length of video - 50 minutes
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