Video SV-218


JASAE BOXES BUDDY - Jasae, an exotic, passionate, explosive vixen, punches Buddy in the kisser more than once! She's a fire ball and she beats him bad! Jasae really pours it on, knocks him down and even out for a second or two! These are not fake punches, they are the real thing and you'll know it when you see it! This is awesome action! She is unrelenting, brutal and the only question is whether Buddy will survive!

TASHA WELCH BOXES CAL - Tasha Welch, looking marvelous is anxious to take on her boxing teacher Cal. He does not think that she can KO him. Tasha is tough and can take a punch as well as she can give one. The action is hot and heavy as they got at it with neither willing to admit defeat until one is knocked out. Tasha loves the feel of her gloved fists pounding him and hopes that he will last for a while.

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