This video begins with posing and Hollywood (5'8", 120 lbs) demonstrates just how sexy, curvaceous, and fabulous she is.  In her zebra print bikini Hollywood can bring out the tiger in any man who sees her, but pity the poor man who tries to attack her!   He ( 5'7", 145 lbs) wants the CD of her posing.   He gives her a good fight, but he can't compete with her strength, stamina, and skill, as she wipes the mat with him until she knocks him out.  You'd think the jerk would learn...this time he comes at her with a drugged rag.  She awakens tied to a chair and ready to kill.  He thinks he's going to win, and he overpowers her several times, but all we can say is, "Hooray for Hollywood!"  as she ends this match with a face sitting smother.

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