TAPE SV-160 



Witness how down and dirty a wrestling match can really get as Julie (5' 6" 120 lbs) and Francesca (5' 4" 115 lbs) go at it. Claws drawn and teeth bared these two sexy, voluptuous women are out for blood. They aggressively attack each other. Head and body scissors, full nelsons, 
chokes, figure fours and headlocks that will set your neck straight.  In pursuit of victory, they'll stop at nothing. Including hair pulling, breast smothering, breast grabbing and the occasional punch in the gut or a kick to the butt!!! This is one down and dirty match you won't want to 

Tape Length = 38 minutes 
Please Select:  DVD or VHS or PAL - SV-160 = $30.00 + postage

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