mixed wrestling, lifts    mixed wrestling
Melanie (5'8", 140 lbs) can do anything a man can do - and more - much, much more!!  This gorgeous sun-streaked blonde is power-packed with excitement and ready to burst.  With one effortless sweep, she scoops up her man (5'3", 123 lbs) and cradles him to her chest.  Then, with a smile, she easily tosses him over her shoulder and sends him spinning in circles.  Proving her ability to conquer and destroy, she wrestles him down to the ground, enveloping his head between her tan and muscular thighs to form a tight scissor.  She's got a mean Figure 4, which she uses to squeeze his face and crush nearly every bone in his head.  Anything a man can do, Melanie can do it too .. only BETTER!!

All videos are filmed in color.

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