Julie Winchester - "I Have Created a Monster - Part 1"

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Frustrated by Julie's docile and submissive nature, her wrestling coach, Matt,  decides to resort to hypnosis in an attempt to provoke a more aggressive attitude.  At the conclusion of the session, he snaps his fingers and Julie pounces on Matt putting him in a head scissors with his face right in her womanhood. Her strong beautiful legs wrap around his neck and don't let go.  She taunts him and holds him there and when he tries to grope her, it angers her and she clamps a super powerful scissors on his body.  He moans that she's broken his ribs but she doesn't care, she's having too much fun!!   He can't control her as she throws him down smothering him with her breasts. She captures him in a reverse head scissor with his nose right up in her bum that has him begging for mercy.  She chokes him out then keeps him barely revived so she can have her way with him.   Matt is forced to lick her feet and legs and suck her toes which she wishes would go on forever!  This randy fox loves to dominate and can't get enough!!   Matt has created an insatiable monster from whom there is no escape!!!

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