"Be Careful What You Wish For!"


Dave wants Crystal to be more physically dominant.  Well, he is in for a very painful surprise!   She uses her long luscious legs to break him as she puts him in a multitude of devastating scissors.  Exposing her big, beautiful breasts she gleefully  smothers him.  Somehow he finds a way to escape, only to be punched back down and tortured.  Weak and embarrassed, Dave begs for mercy only to be denied.  He mercifully passes out in a crushing scissor.  Still hurting from her last beating he challenges her to a fist fight.  What a glutton for punishment!!    It's a battle as both exchange brutal punches to the face and body.  Action is caught in slow motion.  But soon she pummels him with left-right combinations, leaving him bleeding and her knuckles bloodied.  Her vicious blows leave him begging for her to stop but she is enjoying her dominance. Looks like he got what he wished for and more!

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