Yvonne, a sexy, hot, blonde wearing blue Chantilly lace and thigh high stockings, is viewing a female/male wrestling video with Dave. She thinks that the girl will easily beat up the man. He disagrees. He thinks it's all a fake! Yvonne says, "She's beating the crap out of him. Do you think a women can't beat up a man?" She tells him she thinks she could definitely beat him up. He says, "This I've got to see!" He tells her to give him a shot and she does! He hits the floor. A fist fight ensues and when he gets frustrated he tries to grapple with her, but she is too strong. She shows him what she's made of using her fists as well as school girl pins, and head scissors. In the end it is her potent fists that batter him into submission. Yvonne is fierce. You'll feel your temperature starting to rise in a matter of minutes! Don't miss this HOT BLONDE! Order now!

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