When his star wrestler is about to jump ship and go with a mixed wrestling company he's sure she won't be able to wrestle with men.  He has her under contract, which she feels isn't enforceable.  The deal...an all out wrestling match, winner makes the decision.  But when he sees her in her bikini the sleaze has other things on his mind (and who can blame him...she's got a fabulous body!).    He thinks, when he lifts her that she'll understand that she's no match for a man.  She wraps her mighty legs around him and forces him down.   When she realizes that she can take him easily she decides that it's time for her to make her demands, which are to tear up the contract and pleasure her.  Macho man thinks that's a joke, but not for long!  He can't believe how strong she is as she turns every move to her advantage.  Her holds are relentless as she works him over with face sitting, figure fours,  and scissors of all kinds.  She loves leaving footprints on his back and giving him a wedgie, but what she loves the most is winning and getting the foot worship that she knows is the ultimate humiliation!

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