"Every Man's Fantasy"


He protests that she's just too good, but she insists that she needs the practice for an upcoming wrestling match.  So--here's the deal- her rules: he puts her in holds that she teaches him, and she tries to break free.  His rules: only if she'll wrestle in her underwear.  After the workout he gets  to massage her back and super legs.    When she invites him to wrestle with her any time, he suggests right now.  They make a bet....if he wins, she becomes his slave....he cheats, he wins!!  Now clad in spike heels she honors the bet...but he abuses the intent of the bet.  She comes back with a vengeance...and a bull whip!   An all out wrestling match ensues, where she shows him just how little he knows about wrestling and scissors.  As a final humiliation, holding her whip,  she rides him like a dog, prodding him with her spikes and insists he sing "Carmen with your legs so tight, won't you squeeze my head tonight?"  Then  she crushes him unconscious,  dresses him in a maid's outfit, and carries him off!. 

Tape Length = 67 Minutes 

Please Select:  DVD or VHS or PAL - DKA-14 = $40.00 + postage

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