Julie Winchester and Tasha Welch

"Kiss My Biceps"



In the first part of the tape Julie, in a series of different tops (until she is topless), admires her tight, hard, natural physique.  She is not without worshippers, who kiss, caress, and put lotion on her strong arms.  Julie invites all three of  them to arm wrestle with her, saying, "Would you like to see my muscles while I kick your butt?"   Each believes that he will prevail,  but Julie humiliates her opponents with her powerful arms.  In the second part of this video Tasha, the maid, decides to show off her muscles to room 707.  The guys are awed and amazed by her steely definition, and iron-hard biceps.  Tasha  puts on a show, seductively teasing her admirers into touching, kissing, and licking her biceps.  Striping down to bare essentials Tasha  challenges her them to an arm wrestling contest.  Lacking weights she uses one of the guys as a barbell to do her curls and uses the men to practice head locks.   Tasha puts on the ultimate muscle show. 

Tape Length = 57 Minutes 

Please Select:  DVD or VHS or PAL - DKA-13 = $40.00 + postage

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