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SV-203 These girls are HOT!!!  Cat has Stacey in a body scissors which she escapes and Stacey evens the score by applying a grapevine! SV-199 Dave goes after Tori with both fists flying and traps her  against a wall.  But Tori's no quitter and she soon recovers and implements her own attack!
SV-202 Tasha lays into Candi head first but Candi picks her up, upside down, and slams her to the mat!  Candi then follows with a full nelson/body scissors! SV-202 Candi has Tasha in a body scissors and Tasha raises up to attempt an escape but it doesn't work so she applies her own body scissors and Candi doesn't release her so we see a double body scissors!!
SV-120 Sally's got this guy hanging upside down.  He tries to drop out of it but she applies a rolling reverse head scissors!  She sets him free only to grab him and flip him and apply another reverse head scissors!  Spectacular!
SV-120 Sally McNeil is ferocious and she's got him in a head scissors.  She falls forward and does a few push-ups not releasing him from the scissors which bends his back to what appears like a breaking point!
CFV-67 This guy wants to box so Suzie puts on the gloves and goes toe to toe with him, but she gives him much more than he asked for, or expected!
CFV-110 Tori has Dave in a grapevine and then moves into a head scissors which she holds as she takes off her stockings.
SV-165 Kristie is carrying this guy when she throws him to the mat and applies a beautiful grapevine, then rolls into a body scissors.  From there she moves into a killer head scissors!  Awesome action! SV-165 Kristie applies a reverse head scissors and then moves into a ferocious figure four.  Then it's back to a reverse head scissors and he thinks that he may have escaped and starts to drag her, but it backfires on him and she pulls him into a body scissors!
SV-205 Blast From The Past!  Marylou has Dave in a head scissors and she takes him to the ground and refuses to release him! SV-205 Blast From The Past!  Joan applies a head scissors and enjoys every minute of it as she rocks Dave from side to side!
SV-199 Dave throws a punch that catches Tori in the face and pisses her off.  She goes for his stomach with one punch after another and then when he least expects it, she throws an upper cut to his face and knocks him down, then kicks him when he doesn't jump right up! SV-199 This time Tori and Dave aren't wearing gloves and she lays into his face with both fists flying and ends with an upper cut that knocks him down.  When he can't get up she applies a head scissors and slaps his face and squeezes his nose!
DKA-13  Julie's got these guys licking, kissing, sucking and as she puts it, "worshiping" her biceps!
LV-15 Tasha's carrying Santana and getting quite the workout!
CFV-108b This guy won't quit singing and Brigette can't take anymore.  "I hate your singing" she screams as she applies a grapevine followed by a body scissors!
SV-179 Tori's got Jordon in a head scissors.  Jordon breaks free but Tori throws her down, mounts her with a school girl pin and smothers her with her breasts!
CFV-48 This guys in quite the predicament with Christine on one side and Maria on the other, both pushing and pulling.  Then Christine moves into a figure four head scissors and he learns what "trouble" really is!
CFV-48 This time it's Maria applying the figure four head scissors while Christine has the rest of his body in a school girl pin/matchbook!
CFV-124 Tasha has him in a body scissors and he's thrashing around, attempting to escape, but she adds a head lock and breast smother and he's not going anywhere!
CFV-124 Tasha not only applies a beautiful reverse head scissors but to top it off she spreads his legs to the max!  Ouch!
SV-44 Brandy has Cheri in a body scissors/full nelson from hell and she's determined to hold the pin. Cheri attempts to arch her way out of it but fails and instead we see her thrashing and hear her screams!
SV-44  It's pay back time and Cheri's got Brandy in a figure four head scissors. We'd feel sorry for Brandy's struggling but the crotch shots are just too sweet!
CFV-82 Dave has Tina's arms pinned and he thinks he's got her but she  bounces her butt so hard on his chest that he's forced to let her go! She uses the opportunity to apply a head scissors that brings him down! She ends with a figure four head scissors!
CFV-102Julie applies a standing head scissors and asks, "Shall I walk you like a dog?"  Then she jumps on his back and rides him around, yanking on his hair and slapping his ass!
SV-195 Our recent, "To Tell The Truth," television star, Hollywood, gets into some hand over mouth smothering as she straddles her opponent.
SV-172 Dave's got his hands full with this little bombshell.  He lifts her up but she fools him by applying a reverse head scissors that eventually takes him down!
KBS-5 The great Kay Baxter has this dude in a figure four around his neck and she shows no mercy before applying a head scissors that does him in!
SV-194 Tasha's got Mark in a school girl pin and she takes her beautiful breasts and applies one hell of a smother hold!
CFV-98 Jan lifts him onto her shoulders and twirls him round and round, dumps him to the floor and applies a body scissors!
CFV-98Jan applies a head scissors that eventually causes him to pass out and exclaims,  "I think we've lost him!"
CFV-74Sara applies a figure four head scissors and explains that she enjoys hurting him!
CFV-74 Sara applies another figure four and he asks if that's the best she can do.  So she grabs his arm and shows off her muscles before moving into a head scissors hold that rocks his world!
CFV-109Raven applies a school girl pin and accuses Dave of wanting to smell her underwear as she smothers him with her breasts!
CFV-109Raven has Dave in a head scissors, only to kick him away from her so that she can jump on his chest and bounce to her hearts content!
CFV-105 Tina applies a body scissors and uses her hold to bite this whiner's foot.  Then she gets him in a school girl pin and does it again!  Go girl!
CFV-105Tina repeatedly punches him in the stomach, drags him across the floor and applies a reverse head scissors that leaves him choking and gasping for breath!
SV-116The beautiful, hot Ingrid has her victim over her shoulder and she spins him around before slamming him down to the mat.  He hits her ankles with his feet and brings her down but she manages to recover quickly and apply a choke hold that he can't escape!
SV-84 This guy attempts to throw Tara over his shoulder, but she fools him with a surprise head scissors, foils his plan and brings him down without losing her hold!
SV-176 Fuchsia gets him in a reverse head scissors and resorts to some dirty tactics which have him yelping in pain. DRV-6 Bridgette lifts her opponent and gives her an airplane spin. After she drops her to the mat she applies a body scissors/choke hold.
CFV-113 Athena correctly predicts that his cradle hold on her will not last and she manages to scissor her way out. CFV-113 He thinks he has her with his body scissors, but she grabs his feet and applies a matchbook pin followed by another reverse head scissors.
CFV-81Marika pulls his head up into the crotch of her panties and applies a head scissors in order to stretch his neck out a bit CFV-81 Marika lifts him up over her shoulder, slams him down and gets him in a matchbook hold telling him that he will be her "love slave".
SV-164Raven flips this guy to the floor, applies an awesome head scissors and then smothers him well! She ends with another head scissors that many would die for!
SV-164Raven applies a standing head scissors and "struts her stuff!"  Then she drops to the floor and again scissors his head, lays back and relaxes, licking her fingers and enjoying every moment!
LV-16 Carmen lifts him up onto her shoulders before dumping him on the mat and straddling the back of his head. Melanie works on her boyfriends legs.
SV-196 After the wrestling has ended a fist fight break out and both girls give and take many blows.
LV-16 The girls both drop the guys they are carrying onto the mat, one on top of the other. They each manage to tie up one or more limbs of each of the guys
SV-198 Nikki gets a take down, but Candy reverses it quickly with a body scissors and a head lock. Nikki escapes by applying a reverse head scissors.
LV-16 The guys fall prey to a very clever sneak attack perpetrated by the girls legs.
SV-198 Candy takes Nikki down with a head lock which she turns into a reverse cradle.
SV-170 Bobbi releases him from her reverse head scissor/arm bar hold and then she kicks him, flips him and sits on his neck and bounces on him LV-3 Teri lifts him across her shoulders and does toe lifts, squats, and an airplane spin before dumping him to the mat.
SV-193 Catalina ties up his legs with her arms and then wears him down with a reverse head scissors.
SV-196 The fight is on as Dina Marie takes Crystal down with a headlock and straddles her in a school girl pin.
SV-195 Hollywood is calling the shots as she smothers him in a reverse face sit.
SV-197 Julie subjects Stacey to a torturous looking matchbook press but then looses control and both girls end up in body scissors.
SV-195 Hollywood is topless as she straddles him in a school girl pin. She then get behind him and applies a figure four neck scissors.
SV-197 Stacey escapes Julie's full nelson by flipping her over her back. She then applies a neck scissors and punches her in the belly.
SV-194 Tasha takes a threatening stance over him and when he scoffs, he is treated to a painful session between her thighs.
SV-194 Tasha gets him in a creative body scissors which forces his face into her feet.
SV-46 This clip begins with Erika and Andrea clinching in a bear hug. Then Erika gets taken on a ride as she scissors Andrea's waist.
SV-46 Erika makes the mistake of getting her head caught between Andrea's thighs.
CFV-46 Victoria releases a body scissors hold, kicks him onto his back and then bounces on his thighs in a matchbook press.
CFV-46 Ginger gets him in a classic schoolgirl pin and bounces heavily on him. She then applies a body scissors.
CFV-45 Ginger is wearing a very short dress and sexy stockings as she scissors his neck, bends his fingers, pulls his hair and punches his stomach.
CFV-45 Ginger lifts him over her shoulders and spins him before dumping him. She then pins his arms and lastly applies a body scissors.
CFV-47 Carmen and Veronica, in very sexy lingerie and pantyhose, put the squeeze on him and roll over with him in the middle.
CFV-47 Veronica scissors his waist while Carmen gets him in a cross body pin.
SV-193 Catalina releases him from her body scissors in favor of a head scissors. She then rolls him over and slams his head into the mat using pelvic thrusts.
SV-196 Dina Marie reverses out of Crystal's full nelson, gets her in a head scissors and asks for a submission.
CFV-85 Lift and Carry! Brandy picks him up and puts him over her shoulder and takes him for a wild airplane spin before throwing him down and applying a matchbook pin.
SV-30 The girls argue about who's legs are strong and they show off their leg strength by popping balloons with their thighs!
SV-30 Jamie powers a head scissors while Suzanne uses a body scissors as they lock up. Suzanne cries "My head hurts!
CFV-85 Brandy scolds him for messing with her legs and calls him a punk as she squeezes the daylights out of his head.
SV-56 Brandy athletically throws a flying head scissors on him. He is able to keep his feet for a while but eventually she takes him down to the mat.
SV-56 Lift and Carry! Brandy hoists him up over her shoulders and gives him a wild airplane spin before dumping him to the mat and scissoring his head.
SV-79 Carmen starts out grinding him down with a figure four head scissors and then adds an arm bar. She taunts him as he groans.
SV-79 Carmen gets him in a reverse head scissors and inflicts pain on both of his legs
CFV-127 Robin gets him in a reverse head scissors and flips up her dress revealing her pantyhose clad ass.
CFV-127 This is a truly torturous looking hold. Robin somehow combines a matchbook with a scissors.
Stacey shows off her sexy ass as she powers a reverse head scissors on him. She then sits on his back and puts him in a calf beck scissors
CFV-112 Robin is wearing a very sexy short dress and high heals as she grinds Dave down with a reverse head scissors.
DKA-7 Julie gets him in a head lock and tells him to promise never do "it" again. Then she traps his head and applies a spectacular head scissors.
CFV-104 Christie applies a surfboard, sleeper, body scissors and head scissors then adds a couple of punches and kicks. Lots of action packed into a one minute clip!
CFV-85 Brandy scolds him for messing with her legs and calls him a punk as she squeezes the daylights out of his head.
CFV-85 Lift and Carry! Brandy picks him up and puts him over her shoulder and takes him for a wild airplane spin before throwing him down and applying a matchbook pin.
CFV-111 Sharon wears him down with a reverse head scissors and then reclines on his face for a smother hold which she seems to enjoy :)
CFV-139 Yvonne squeezes his neck using her calves and then straddles his face.
CFV-82 Tina Antman escapes the hold he gets on her, then she applies a reverse head scissors and ties up his legs.
DKA-16 Mixed Boxing - Raven pounds Dave into submission and then makes him kiss her legs.
SV-124 She releases the double armbar in favor of a figure four neck scissors and forces him to admit something he'd rather not. SV-186 Stacey knocks Francesca down with a series of vicious right jabs.
DKA-16 Raven begins doing bicep poses over Dave, then takes a seat on his face and continues her posing.
SV-183 Santana gets Mark in a schoolgirl pin and bruises his arms by kneeling on them. Then she lifts him over her shoulder and dumps him to the mat.
CFV-139 Yvonne, wearing a dress and heels, puts Dave down in a test of strength and then straddles him. CFV-136 Fist fighting! Stacey and Francesca punch the hell out of his face knocking him to the mat after many blows.
CFV-139 Dave is punched in the stomach and then forced to suffer between Yvonne's thighs. CFV-136 The girls take turns punching him in the gut. Then Stacey backs up and smothers him under her gorgeous ass.
CFV-141 Devin is wearing a short dress, high heels, white silk panties as she straddles, face sits and berates Mark. An awesome clip!!!.
CFV-138 Devin and Crystal perform a tandem head scissors routine on the hapless brothers.
DKA-15 "Mmmm it feels good!" says Julie. Both Jasae and Julie sit on his face and wiggle until he passes out. 
CFV-138 The girls go for side by side reverse face sitting to see who can last longer without air. JOIN and find out who wins!
CFV-136 Francesca has Dave in a standing head scissors as Stacey gut punches him. Then Francesca breast smothers him and finishes with a reverse standing head scissors.
CFV-137 Carolyn uses her huge breasts in an extended smother hold. Then she head scissors the hell out of him.
SV-183 Arm wrestling - By subscriber request. Mark and Santana test each others arm strength before their match.
CFV-140 Tori belly punches him then cradle carries him and dumps him on the bed where she gets him in a reverse head scissors.
SV-182 Hollywood gut punches Barbara then puts her in a headlock and flips her to the mat. After that its head scissors time. SV-182 Hollywood get a submission out of Barbara with a figure 4 head scissors then she does some bicep poses on her defeated opponent.
DKA-1 Carmen folds Harry in half and uses his legs for arm rests. CFV-116 Cinnamon gets him in a standing head scissors and encourages him to struggle between her legs. She enjoys pulling Buddy's pony tail.
DKA-1 Carmen releases her figure four head scissors and then "massages" his neck and shoulders with her crotch and ass. CFV-116 Cinnamon gets him in a reverse standing head scissors giving him a view of the ceiling and us a good view of her glutes.
CFV-114 Yvonne gets him in a reverse head scissors and ties his arms up as well. CFV-176 Fuchsia goes for a take down but Rodan picks her up. His plan backfires when she uses her legs on his head.
SV-185 Lola teaches Rodan a lesson by sitting and bouncing on his head. SV-186 Fem vs Fem boxing. Santana knocks Candy down and then connects with solid punches each time she tries to get up.
SV-185 Lola tortures Rodan with her long sexy legs using a reverse head scissors. SV-186 Both girls exchange some solid blows to the body. Then Stacy connects with Francesca's head and really rocks her.
SV-184 Candy  get mark in a school girl pin and threatens to remove her bikini bottom and shove it in his mouth. SV-181 Candy uses her bikini top to bind the now unconscious Santana. She then sits on her face and tweaks her nose.
SV-183 Santana gets Mark in a Boston Crab. Then she bends his "little piggies" one at a time. Finally she slams her ass down on his shoulder and sits on him.
SV-180 Excellent competitive wrestling! Fuchsia manages to get a good reverse head scissors on Raquel, but Raquel use her size advantage to escape. 
SV-137 She head scissors one man and puts the other in a headlock. After knocking them both out she stands triumphantly over them and says "Next time I'll take on three!" (clip) SV-178 This is a nasty hair pulling catfight. Tara uses a dirty tactic to escape Francesca's head scissors as she grabs her crotch at the end of the action. 
SV-122 Rachel get him to submit to her reverse head scissors and forces him to beg - "Pretty please with sugar on it".
SV-178  Francesca gets Tara (aka Eve Ellis) into a standing head scissors and lifts her. Then she slams her to the mat and kicks her repeatedly.
SV-122 Rachel yanks on his arms as she has him in a calf neck scissors. She also taunts him, pulls his hair and pulls him into a forward head scissors.
SV-85  She escapes his feeble scissors and puts him in a match book hold with her crotch right over his face. Then she grabs his legs and jaw while straddling his back.
SV-122 She "adjusts" the bottom of her french-cut bathing suit while head scissoring him in mid-air. SV-85  An interesting discussion regarding women's lingerie takes place as she holds him captive between her thighs.
DKA-14  Carmen sits on his chest in her bra and panties and tries to get him to fight harder. CFV-134  She doesn't like the way her accomplice is splitting up the loot. A fight starts and She gets him in a very sexy body scissors.
DKA-14  Carmen, wearing a very short and very tight miniskirt and high heels, gets the best of him. After a very sexy struggle she stands with her spiked heel on his throat. CFV-134  She puts him up against the wall and punches him in the gut a few times. Then she throws him down for a brutal head scissoring.
(great topless action!)
DKA-14  Carmen goes for a "sleigh ride" complete with whip in hand. At the end of the ride Dave gets head scissored. CFV-132  Suzie teaches Yvonne how to abuse her husband. She holds his head in place while Yvonne takes her seat.
CFV-135  Kristy reminds him of her strength with a bicep pose, then she lifts and carries him. Finally she pins him, takes off her dress and breast smothers him. CFV-132  Suzie and Yvonne take turns rubbing their rear ends in his face. Then they go back to back and all he can see is butt.
SV-175  Christine adjusts her bikini and then proceeds to ride Bob around the room pony-boy style. CFV-120  Courtney gives him a good view of her short-shorts with a reverse head scissors.
SV-175  Christine declares herself the "Scissors Queen" as she squeezes him unconscious. She then stands spread-eagled over him in a victory pose CFV-116  Buddy finds himself pinned under Cinnamon's pretty dress. She informs him that he is not getting away and removes her dress before putting the squeeze on his head.
SV-177  Hollywood sits on Bobbi's face and punches her in the belly. Bobbi complains about getting a hair in her mouth. CFV-64  Rock solid thighs, ass and great lingerie spell nothing but trouble for Dave as she works a reverse head scissors on him.
SV-177  Hollywood and Bobbi get tangled up in each others legs. Who will win the battle of the scissors? They also spank each other during the struggle. CFV-63  Kristy scissor/straddles his head and removes her robe as she prepares to do more damage with her legs.
DKA-1  Carmen knocks him down using her bare fists. Then she puts her high heel in his back. The she puts him in a "schoolgirl" pin and tweaks his chin. SV-176  Fuchsia knocks him out with her legs. He loses consciousness right as he is trying to lift her..
KBS-4  Kay Baxter scissors the hell out of this guys head. Then she rolls him over and does a double bicep pose while standing on him. (from the very 1st special interest video ever released!) CFV-119  Lucy, in a loose dress, folds and stretches him while sitting on his neck.
SV-99  Girl vs Girl! Bridgette forces her opponent to submit and then apologize. CFV-117  Both girls, wearing bra, panties and high heels, wrap their legs around Dave's head and squeeze.
LV-12  Lift and Carry! Carmen cradle carries buddy on the wrestling mat while wearing a skirt and high heels. Meanwhile Tasha is thrashing her male foe. CFV-74  She head scissors him and then slams him face first on the mat.
DKA-10  Tori turns a reverse head scissors into a face sit, then grabs his legs and folds him in half.  SV-151  Suzie gets Debbie in a school girl pin, but Debbie manages to temporarily reverse it.
DKA-8  Carmen, in a sexy miniskirt, crushes his head between her legs and then bounces on his face. CFV-114  Yvonne sits on his face and rubs it in.
DKA-6  Lisa, in a sexy minidress,  savagely beats him up with her bare fists. She then puts him in an arm bar and pulls his hair. CFV-98  Jan Klein rides him like a pony except that she is scissoring his body the whole time
DKA-5  Tasha does the splits on his face! LV-6  Both of these guys find themselves upside down with their heads between the girls thighs. One guy gets his nose tweaked.
CFV-128  Kat, topless, face sits him until he passes out and then stand over his prostrate body and places her foot on his chest. SV-172 Dave passes out from the pain of Terri's body scissors. She then straddles his chest and strikes a biceps pose.
DKA-2  Boxing! Lisa pummels Buddy at will and notices she gave him a bloody nose after knocking him down. SV-170 Bobbi sits on the back of Dan's neck, crosses his legs and bends them back painfully.
CFV-85  Lift and Carry! Brandi, in mini dress and pantyhose, twirls buddy in an airplane spin, then folds him in half and pins him. CFV-86 Eve's miniskirt rides up as she body scissors the doc. She then sits on his back and bounces up and down.
CFV-112  Nancy knocks him out with her incredible thighs and then removes her high heels while sitting on his is unconscious body SV-123 Bridgette does some aerobics with his head between her legs.
SV-115  She gets him in a reverse head scissors and forces a submission SV-123  Lift and Carry - First she cradle carries him then she airplane spins him over her shoulder.
SV-146 Sharon laughs as she shows off her awesome thighs and incredible glutes with this hold. SV-134 She splits and stretches her opponents thigh muscles.
CfV-60 Teri nearly breaks his back before throwing him down and jumping on him. SV-93 They pass the loser of the wrestling match back and forth upside down.
SV-132 She grabs him by the beard and demands a submission from him.. SV-95 Matt tries to tag in to help his partner who is suffering a terrible head scissoring, but he is subdued by her partner.
SV-114 Mary drops him to the mat, folds him in half and sits on him after a cradle carry. SV-95 The girls put a decisive finish to the tag team match.

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