TAPE CFV-17 RAVEN - Sultry Raven is answering a casting call for an adventure movie. The script calls for a woman who knows how to take care of herself. The lecherous producer cannot keep eyes off her long sleekly muscled legs. He wants to find out if she is capable of handling the action scenes that are required, and take advantage of the dark haired beauty. After an action packed sequence of spirited wrestling, Raven takes control and dominates him with a series of crushing head and body scissors. She convinces him that she is perfect for the part
Tape CFV-18 TINA - Tina is th e perfect housewife--all 5' 9" 130lbs of her are dedicated to making her husband happy. He comes home from work and starts complaining about her cooking and cleaning abilities. He even has the nerve to complain about the shape she's in. Tina, exasperated, decides to show him just who is out of shape. She throws him down and clamps him in a head numbing scissor with long strong legs and this is only the beginning! She then completely dominates him with powerful and painful head and body scissors and long tight school boy pins. This is one man who will never again complain.

Length 41 minutes

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