CFV-15 ROSEMARY JOYCE - Tall, voluptuously built Rosemary is really upset with her boyfriend. They have just returned from the spa and he flirted with every woman there. She is totally fed up and wants him out. She decides that her revenge should be sweet and humiliating. She changes into a skimpy, crocheted bikini and starts to seduce him. After gaining his attention, she teaches him a lesson he will never forget. She completely overpowers him with series of powerful headlocks, and head crushing scissors. Rosemary is so powerful that there is absolutely nothing he can do, unless she lets him. Rosemary at her best!
CFV-16 RIKKI - Sexy and foxy Rikki can't wait to try on her new pair of shiny black leather, thigh high, spike heeled boots. Her roommate, however, feels that she shouldn't wear them in public. She ignores him and starts to leave. When he tries to stop her, he finds that he has a fiery hellion on his hands. They grapple furiously, with Rikki controlling the the action. After pinning him tightly, she decides to change her clothes. She returns in a black bra and panty outfit and uses her tautly muscled, shapely legs to crush his head and body with a vengeance. He frantically tries to get free from the gruellin, punishing series of powerful scissors, but he can't. After he succumbs to a grinding neck scissor, Rikki changes and plants her foot on his chest, "No one tells me how to run my life!!"

Length 43 minutes

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