Get a load of Freddie (5' 4" 138lbs) and Gina (5' 10" 144lbs), two hot blooded Italians who enjoy fighting more than S---. Well, in this particular battle of love and jealousy, more than their hot Latin tempers go flying. She's all over him, crushing his macho ego as she takes him apart piece by piece. Determined to have her way, Gina wraps her sexy thighs around his head and all but squeezes his brains out. But wait! You have seen nothing till you see this drop-dead-gorgeous amazon toss her 
man over her shoulder in a back breaker. You'll love watching her carry him, spin him and tie him up like a pretzel applying bone crushing pain. A final school boy pin has Gina making him agree to give up the smut magazines he loves to oogle and she will give up wrestling...which she agrees with a wink and a smile at us. Ah yes, that's amore! 


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