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Wait till you set your eyes on Lisa (5’4”, 118 lbs), this is a voluptuous, sleek, sexy beauty, oozing with sensuousness, who can pick up a man, swing him back and forth, slam him down, tackle him, and pin him in seconds flat.  Believe it or not, she has got more power packed in her trim muscular body than a man twice her size.  Determined to prove that men and women are equally strong, she challenges her boyfriend (5’6”, 135 lbs) to a wrestling match.  She easily dominates him, crushing him with head and body scissors, and choking him with figure four’s.  Struggling to free himself from her gripping holds he attempts to fight back but she pulverizes him with lifts, spins, and slams.  Finally, satisfied with her victory, she smiles as she ties him up and carries him away.  38 minutes

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