Maria (5’6”, 120 lbs) is a strong, shapely, and very sexy brunette.  When her boyfriend (5’7”, 150 lbs) tells her that she is too thin and frail, she wastes no time in setting the record straight.  With one forceful thrust she pushes his head down between her legs and lifts him upside-down.  Next she jumps all over him, wrestling him into submission with a figure four forcefully squeezing with her succulent thighs till he passes out.  The battle continues with her dominating every move, wearing him down with lifts, spins, and cradles.  “It is curtains for you!!”,  she says with a smile, claiming her final victory by squeezing his neck and head with incredible strength and power.  Once his lights are out, it is good night and sweet dreams!  39 minutes

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