Sara Connors

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mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling    mixed wrestling

What do you do when someone gives you a bad check and refuses to make good on it?  Meet the girl whose unique strategy will help you double, possibly triple your money.  Sara (5’11”, 150 lbs) is a scintillating, beautiful, body builder who uses every well-defined muscle in her body to take down any man who dares take advantage of her.  Above all, she enjoys causing pain and torturing her victim.  She wears him down with head and body scissors, lifts and spins, even a little kicking and punching to put him in his place.  With his head firmly grasped between her sexy muscular thighs, she drags him around on his hands and knees, rolls him over and with remarkable strength she squeezes his head till he passes out.  Then with a quick pick of the pocket, she takes what is rightfully hers.  38 minutes

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