Tasha vs Valerie
          catfight   catfight   catfight   catfight  

Two female lovers lock thighs over jealousy, lies, and deceipt.  After staying out all night, Tasha (5'10", 146 lbs) finally wanders home at 9:00 the next morning only to find that Valerie (5'7", 128 lbs) has changed the locks on all the doors and found a new lover.  Starting with a hose-down in the back yard and proceeding to the ground, they take each other for a vicious, high impact roll in the grass. Tasha sweeps Valerie up into a cradle and throws her full force into the pool.  Amidst bear hugs and arm locks the two carry on kicking and splashing.  Head dunking turns to head scissors to determine what will become of this relationship.  The choice is simple:  sink or swim!  39 minutes

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