Margo - "You Should Only Have Eyes For Me!"

mixed wrestling    mixed wrestling       mixed wrestling
   mixed wrestling     mixed wrestling

Margo (5'8" 120 lbs) has her own unique way of punishing her boyfriend (5'6" 126 lbs) when she catches him flirting with another woman in the gym.  She likes to teach a man his lessons by inflicting pain and suffering with seductive but determined force.  A school boy pin is the first lesson followed by a figure four as she shows him a thing or two about making a woman jealous.  Close contact torture is her favorite form of punishment as she delights in entangling his body in hers and nearly squeezing him to death.  Airplane lifts, head scissors, cradle carries, backbreakers, upside down lifts and drapes are merely a taste of the pain this scorned, ravenous woman will inflict on any man foolish enough to look at anyone but her!

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