Jan/Joanna in "Thighblaster Mania"

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A door-to-door salesman suggests to Jan that she should try his thighblaster; a device that strengthens and tones muscles.  But Jan shows him a much better way to train.  Like a wild animal she blasts him away forcefully squeezing him with bone crushing head and body scissors.  With great pleasure she entwines him with every part of her body and doesn't let him go until she has worked each and every muscle!  Jan isn't the only woman who prefers a man over a thighmaster.  Joanna loves to lie back with a good book as she presses her husband's head between her thighs nearly cutting off his circulation.  No longer able to endure the torture of her exercising, he gives her a thighblaster hoping to put an end to her boa-constrictor like grip on his neck and head.  But she will not be persuaded.  There is no machine that can match the pleasure and excitement you get in a physical workout with somene you love.  41 minutes

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