Vanessa - "Love Hurts"

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Gorgeous blonde Vanessa (5'8"  124 lbs) is haviing such a good time primping for her hot date.  She lingers over putting on her stockings and getting dressed in red spikes, red dress and pearls.  All HE wants is quick sex!  It does get quite physical but not exactly what he had in mind.  She wrestles him down and enjoys dominating him in a prolonged body straddle and schoolboy pins -- one pin lasts over 12 minutes!  She taunts him with her spiked heels in his face, and then procedes to slowly and sensuously remove her heels and stockings while keeping him pinned.  She loves to lift him and crush him with her voluptously muscled thighs.  Vanessa confesses, "This is a NEW Vanessa!" .. and we love her!!

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