Suzie Boxes & Wrestles a man - "The Challenge"

mixed wrestling   mixed wrestlingm, boxing  
   mixed wrestling    mixed wrestling, boxing

Take a look at (5’7”, 125 lbs) Suzie; sweet, gentle, loving and certainly harmless!??   But wait a minute, as her husband (5’7”, 158 lbs) finds out when he challenges her to a wrestling and boxing match; underneath that shapely sexy body is a powerhouse of strength and skill, able to defend itself against all odds.  You will be amazed at the versatility this sensuous tigress possesses as she takes her husband down with the greatest of ease.  Not only does she wrestle, but to her surprise and yours she is a boxing champ as well!!  See the punches fly as she delivers blow after blow to his head and body.  That’s right!  And it is all on one video .. the wrestling/boxing combination you have been waiting to see.  Don’t miss this knockout battle of the spouses.  40 minutes

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