Stephanie vs The Harrasser

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Stephanie (5'9" 145 lbs) literally sweeps Richie right off his feet when he tries to pick her up on the street.  He follows her to the supermarket, the movies, and then to the gym where she does her daily workout with friends.  When he asks her for a date, the sexy blonde city slicker gives Richie a high impact workout that turns his whole world upside down!  From the upside down bear hug, she slams him to the ground and displays her incredible strength with crushing head scissors and head locks.  Enchanted and excited by this beautiful ball of fire, Richie tries to fight back, but she defeats him with power and ease.  The relationship takes its final flight in an airplane spin that sends Richie on a one way, non-stop ride down the streets, hobbling along, licking his wounds!

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