Lisa - "This Treat Is On Me!"

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Never, EVER tease a woman about her weight!  When Bob tells his wife she is a little chubby, Lisa (5'6" 154 lbs), a body building wonder, decides to show him who is soft and who isn't!  As she picks up the phone to cancel the pizza he ordered, she slips off her high heels one by one, then come off the stockings.  After she hangs up, she wiggles out of the body tight dress and tells her husband, "The treat of the week isn't pizza .. it is something else!"  Lisa proceeds to use raw power and sheer strength to apply devastating body and head scissors.  She easily lifts and carries HIS out-of-shape body.  Watch as Lisa, with her well-defined body adorned in white lace, all but pulverizes him, leaving him sem-conscious and begging for her to stop .. it sure is a treat for Lisa .. and for you!

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