Selina - "The Husband Doesn't Look Twice"

 mixed wrestling, lift and carry   mixed wrestling, lift and carry   mixed wrestling, lift and carry  
lift and carry, mixed wrestling     lift and carry, mixed wrestling

Sparks fly when Selina, (5'4" 145 lbs) a nationally ranked bodybuilder and strength contest participant, catches her husband looking at another woman.  The voluptuous blonde Amazon just cannot understand why or how he could look at anything except her own muscular tan, perfect body!  Upon returning home from a body building contest she tackles him down to the ground, spins him into the air, and then squeezes his head between her bronzed thighs so hard that every muscle is clearly defined.  The more he denies being unfaithful, the harder she fights with full nelsons, matchbooks, and school boy pins.  A final cradle lift to the ground into a grapevine makes him submit to whatever she wants .. and what she wants is what she gets!

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