Tina - "Good Things Come In ..."

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Watch out when Larry tells Tina (5'3" 114 lbs) she is out of shape!  "On the contrary," Tina snaps, "I may be petite but I am stronger than I look!"  (And she looks GREAT!)  Far from out of shape, the bronzed goddess tantalizes and tortures her victim in an amazing display to prove her strength and power.  And powerful she is!  See this tightly packed, sensuous young beauty lift a much heavier man, spin him around, and send him crashing to the floor.  Watch as she lifts him up in her arms and effortlessly carries him.  Witness the terror, as she holds him down with one hand and lashes the whip with the other!  This back-breaking girl wonder is proof that good things come in small packages.

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