Marla - "When The Honeymoon is Over - It's Over!"

   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling

After not seeing each other for four long days, newlyweds Peter and Marla are hungry only for each other.  Marla (6'0" 150 lbs.) and Peter nearly undress each other in the restaurant before they escape into seclusion.  Peter disclaims knowledge of a photo of another beauty that falls out of his pocket.  Does Marla believe him?  Do we?  Her anger intensifies and so do the killer leg scissors she thrusts and crushes her victim with.  When he can't remember anything much about the girl, she lifts, twirls, slams and nearly strangles him to death!  Her leg, arm, and verbal power is brutal, and why shouldn't it be?  The more she makes it hurt, the more he begs her for forgiveness!  We know who the boss is!

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