Melanie - "Accidental Pleasure"

   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling

Imagine being in an accident and having the driver of the other car tell you that "your dye job is destroying your brain."  Melanie (5'8" 148 lbs.) is not thrilled!  She is even less thrilled when Hank (5'5" 128 lbs.) threatens to sue her and won't admit to causing the accident.  She takes it upon herself to settle matters as she turns into a Wonder Woman!  Watch her playfully and effortlessly lift him  into backbreakers, carries, spins and tosses  him helplessly under her.   While some might think this is torture, Hank may even be enjoying all this attention to his body by such a sexy, beautiful tigress!  Can you blame him?  Especially when you are taken home to be her play-toy!  39 minutes

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