MARIKA AND MARIA - "Lift and Carry 2 Men!"

   mixed wrestling, lift and carry   mixed wrestling, lift and carry   mixed wrestling, lift and carry    
Maria, clothed in a black camisole and black panties, is very impressed when Marika (5'4" 108 lbs) easily lifts 165 lbs Steve onto her shoulders. Maria has to learn how, and when Dean walks in he becomes the lifting toy. The two blondes take turns lifting him with ease. Maria does curls with Dean and Marika does single leg presses with the 155 lb man. To make the exercise more interesting they also wrestle with the confused and hapless man. Later on Steve comes back and he becomes a victim as the two beauties show off their strength by trying to outdo each other with various lifts and carries. This is one lift video that has it all.
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