Suzie and Aimee vs Matt!

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Suzie's boyfriend (5'8", 155 lbs.) starts showing off his strength.  But Suzie (5'8", 135 lbs.) shows him who is really stronger as she matches him lift for lift.  In his frustration he gives her a shove.  What a mistake!!  Suzie squeezes, lifts and tosses him into helpless submission.  When Aimee (5'5", 142 lbs.) show up the two women hand him back and forth like a baby.  Suzie finds that he's more fun to play with when he's unconscious, so she uses her powerful thighs to cut off the circulation to his head.  Aimee dangles him from her shoulders as the hapless boyfriend is limp as a dish rag!  They take turns crushing him unconscious. 

All videos are filmed in color.

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